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 A Brief History of the Buckhorn Vol. Fire Dept.  

LOCATION:  15 km. south of Prince George on Buckhorn Lake Rd.

The Buckhorn Volunteer Fire Dept. was first formed in 1971. Bob Fritter was the first Chief. In 1972 it was officially established through By-law. The first means of fire protection was a tank on a trailer towed by volunteer’s trucks to fire locations. It was stored in Ken McIntyre’s garage, and was used until 1972.

 The first truck, a 1947 International 1400 gal. Tanker truck was purchased in 1972 for $875.00 and was stored at Bob Fritter’s farm until 1977.

 The first Fire Hall was completed in 1977, with materials donated by Prince George businesses, and labour done by the volunteers.  It was a single truck bay with room for a couple of workbenches.  Permission was given by School District 57 to build on property next to the Buckhorn Elementary School.

 A second truck was purchased from P.G. Auto Wreckers for $500.00. It was a 1967 GMC and was fitted with the tank off the old truck. At this time, four used self-contained breathing apparatus were purchased. An addition was added to the north end of the Fire Hall in 1979 for a meeting room.

 In l981 a Mini-Pumper truck was purchased from Pineview Vol. Fire Dept., and another addition was added to the west side of the hall to house the second vehicle.  A referendum was held on Nov. 21/1981 for the purchase of a new Fire Truck and related equipment. By-law 502 was passed and the new truck was under construction the next summer. The new truck (1982 GMC arrived Sept. 14/1982, fully equipped and is still our #1 Pumper.

 In 1988 a 1976 GMC 1500 gal. Tanker was purchased, but was only used during non-freezing months due to the lack of a third truck bay. By l988 the necessity for a larger hall was growing stronger. And in the fall of 1989 the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George put out tenders for construction of a new Fire Hall. Construction began that fall.

 July of 1990 saw us move into the new building, with construction not yet completed for the interior finishing. After putting in many hours, the Fire Dept. members finished the inside of the hall with their own time and effort. An open house was held in the fall for the grand opening of the new hall.

 Since then there have been numerous improvements and changes.  The mini-pumper was replaced by an International diesel fitted with a 400gal tank, a foam system and pump. You can find more specs and info by clicking on the links.  The #3 tanker truck was also replaced with an International diesel with a 2000gal tank and full pumping capability.  Both of these units were purchased through efficient handling of budgets and NO TAX INCREASES to the members of the community.  




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